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Welcome and thank you for your interest to be a supplier for Darden. Please complete the initial Supplier Profile so our teams can review your capabilities and where Darden’s need may match.

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1. Does each of your facilities have a GFSI certification or Third Party GMP Audit or Quality Management Certification (ISO, ASQ)?
2. Does your organization have a documented Traceability Program that includes the following at a minimum: <ul><li> Number of cases produced </li> <li> Production Date Code/Lot Number/Batch Number (if applicable) </li> <li> Product traceability, at least one step forward and one step back in compliance with the Public Health, Security Bioterrorism Preparedness Act of 2002 </li> <li> 100% product recovery within 4 hours </li></ul>
3. Has your company ever been involved in a Class 1 recall?
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